A degree opens up an opportunity for individuals to make their lives better regarding their career. There are many ways to earn a degree, online classes being one of them. Today, you can pursue your dream course without having to step your foot in any school.

A shallow dive at the science careers list will tell you that the demand for science degrees is high. Thanks to the power of the internet, all these dreams are achievable in the shortest time. Although online degrees are easy to achieve, some difficulties come with picking the right degree that suits you. Many innocent people have fallen victims of bogus degrees, losing a significant sum of money and time wasted while studying. Without further ado, here are pointers to help you tell if an online degree is bogus or legit.

  1. Check the course accreditation

The first step towards undertaking a real course online is confirming its accreditation. Currently, most online degrees and institutions offering them are accredited. However, the certification shouldn’t give you the green light. Ensure that the degree is certified by an agent that is recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). This confirmation saves you from graduating only to realize that your course isn’t certified.

  1. The admission requirements

A legit online college offer admission based on academic records. However, you will find some schools offering entries to people as long as they can raise the amount of fee required. In case your preferred course doesn’t inquire about your academic transcripts, you should be suspicious.

  1. Check to confirm the period needed to earn the degree

The truth is that taking your course online is fast as opposed to the traditional classrooms. However, this doesn’t mean that you can achieve your degree within a month because you’re studying online. A legit online course should take at least two years or one, depending on the course in question. Therefore, don’t fall, a victim of a bogus course, because you need your degree quick.

  1. Check the fee structure

Most online universities charge a fee based on credit or semesters. However, you will find fake schools charging a conjoined fee of about $2500 for a degree. Such payments should raise the red flag as most of them turn out to be bogus.


Choosing the perfect online degree is an easy task. However, you can fall victim of bogus courses in case you’re not careful. Luckily, the four tips provided in this piece can help you pick a real class to pursue online to avoid surprises.