How to create a proper influencer marketing strategy

Just like any other marketing method, it is important to carefully plan about influencer marketing. this technique won’t work if you just dish out free gifts to anyone that asks for a gift or to friends. This article will guide you on how to create a working influencer marketing strategy.


This step is crucial in developing a marketing strategy. You should find out what type of influencer marketing works well with your niche. For example, a beauty or fashion business is known to work well when promoted on Instagram more than when Twitter is used. You should also look into the type of influencers that you want to work with. This can either be celebrities or micro-influencers depending on your budget.

Work with a specific budget and determine expected compensation

You should come up with a budget once you have researched and known the fee you are expected to pay. The budget should cater to all costs incurred when planning, executing the plan and even during reviewing a strategy. You can find influencer marketing agencies that can help you with the budgeting if you lack the skills to do so on your own.

Set your goals

The primary objective of influencer marketing is to promote the brand’s image and also boost the sales of the company. However, when starting, you can narrow down your goals to things like widening your customer base within a certain demographic. Well set goals will also help in ensuring that influencers do not end up posting irrelevant information during the campaign.

Find and make contact with influencers

When selecting an influencer to work with, you should consider the following factors:

• Does the influencer already post content similar to yours? It is advisable to select an influencer that posts similar content to your services because his/her audience will mostly be made of individuals interested in such products.

• The influencers engagement rate. You can scroll through their posts and from there you will be able to check their engagement levels.

• Check with the companies the influencer has worked with before.