Five SEO Benefits for Small Businesses

Small businesses forming their digital marketing strategy need to prioritise search engine optimisation (SEO), because it’s an essential tactic which will increase visibility of their brand, attract more appropriate customers to their website and convert more sales.

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Brand Awareness

Appearing high up on search engine results pages (SERPs) when somebody searches for a particular keyword can be achieved through SEO, and the result is that you build awareness of your brand. If your website features highly on the SERPs on Google, Bing or other search engines, then your potential customers will be more likely to trust your brand. Search Engine Land’s guide to SEO explains the ranking factors that you need to use for SEO success.

Challenging the Competition

If you’re in an industry with competitors – and who isn’t these days? – you need to be doing more of what’s right for your potential customers in order to secure their business instead of letting it go to your competitors. SEO will help you stand up to the challenge of your competitors by getting into the mindset of customers and ensuring that your website is doing everything that it can to make their lives easier so that you can attract their business.

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Secure More Clients

Once your brand is prominent on the SERPs, SEO’s benefit to any small business in London and across the UK is that more visitors will come to your website, and out of those visitors you have the opportunity to convert a significant proportion into paying customers.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

When visitors come to your website, you want them to stay and take action, and the principles of SEO will enable you to make your website user-friendly and more likely to convert visitors to take the actions you want. For small businesses, London SEO services from agencies such as Elevate UK can help you create a website that is well structured, content that is clear and understandable and calls to action that are clear and effective.

Get Good ROI

You can measure the results of your SEO by monitoring the number of visitors to your website and the actions they take and comparing these levels to before you optimised your website. SEO is measurable, and when used right you will see a return on your investment in increased traffic and more customers.